Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Quick Review

Aurisonics ASG-2.5 Quick Review

Thanks to Hifiheadphones for the loaner.

Brief:  OMG ALL OF DA BASS!!!!!

Price: US$700 or circa £451 or more if want a diff finish on them.

Specification:  Driver: Precision Dynamic 14.2mm + 2 custom-tuned, next generation tweeters, Frequency response: 8Hz – 25kHz, Impedance: 41 ohm +/- 10% @ 1kHz, Sensitivity: 123dB @1mW, Passive noise attenuation: NRR 22db, Construction: 3D printed, Digital Hybrid Technology (DHT)™ shell fits 95% of ears like a custom (Hybrid custom/universal fit derived from thousands of ears scanned… and counting)., Cable: Detachable silver-plated low oxygen copper cable

Accessories:  Shock/Dust/Waterproof case.  Cleaning tool.  Tips.  Valve adjusting tool.

Build Quality:  It would appear to be excellent.

Isolation:  Meh.  For an IEM it’s passable but that’s what happens with dynamics.  They need air to move and with the venting port you do loose some isolation.  So not Tube worthy but would easily do for normal out and about stuff.  Still probably enough to get you run over too if your not looking where you’re going.

Comfort/Fit:  There is no mistaking they are huge but they are sculpted so that they fit me easily, effortlessly and perfectly comfortably.  Stuck on Comply’s ‘cause I’m lazy and that was me.  Of course if you turn the bass up I found it moved so much air is was physically uncomfortable.

Aesthetics:  The look nice.  Nothing particularly special, though if you are suitably rich and chavy you could have them made in 24k gold for just an extra US$400.  Mind you the pics of the brushed nickel look quite nice.

Sound:  When you have the bass dial at min, these are pretty good, rather even ish balanced.  Bit of a W shape going on but nothing wildly out of step with anything else and the quality is what you would general think to expect from an upper end IEM.  The BA’s doing the tweeter and presumably the mids too are nice.  They are clean, tonally quite neutral and nicely detailed.  They are very pleasing in every matter you think to ask of them.  Even the extension is pretty good and BA’s traditionally don’t do so well at that.  So good, nothing magical but a very good solid contender for your money.    Then that bass.  The spec says 8Hz.  I think its lying, with the quantity of air the humongous 14.2 mm driver spits out its more like 2Hz.  (Okay not that I could hear 2Hz) the depth is stupid.  It extends so far and bugger me it just goes so effortlessly, oh my god it’s just amazeballs lunacy!!!!  No seriously it is just insane, its comedy levels of bass and oh god the depth!!!  It’s mental.  Lol.  You know if you dad came home with a 5.1 set up and you took the sub and turned it all the way up?  You know where your mothers ornaments all start vibrating and walking about the mantle piece.  All the while you being shaken by the room that’s turned into a giant vibrator and you find yourself laughing like some giddy fool?  Yep, that.  Its nuts, completely off the wall.  While this is super-duper entertaining.  It’s just mad.  Now if you step away from bass centric stuff and put the bass to minimum it’s a rather capable high end IEM but it feels pointless to talk of its other talents.  If you buy this, you do so because you want bass that will blow you away, seriously just blow you away.  Slap on some chart type pop and its an orgasmic thrill machine.  Amazeballs mental.

Value:  Well it’s cheaper than buying 20k’s worth of Sub’s.

Pro’s:  FCUK ME kinda bass.  Beyond epic bass depth.  Stupendous Bass power.

Con’s:  You had better be a bass lover.

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