Accutone Pisces Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Pisces Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Pisces Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Pisces Earphone Review

Thanks to Accutone for the sample.

Brief:  Hipster cool.

Price US$80

Specifications: See the manual.

Accessories:  I think 5 pairs of tips, including some foam ones and a pair of Comply’s, a cable tie thing and a case.  They don’t fit in the case.

Isolation: So so at best.  They didn’t isolate enough for me to even use walking about near traffic.  However when you have music playing it would be very easy to not notice traffic so do remember you must use your eyes if you want to stay safe.

Comfort/Fit:  Great for both, they have an unusual shape but I could wear them up or down with no issues at all.

Sound:  Their website goes on about their clarity and their micro detail retrieval which I don’t understand why.  They are not, they are bassy, big bass heavy, weighty, potent thumbing beasts.  Which is great if you want some big bass monsters and want it in a hipster fashionable look.  They look super visually eye-catching.  Plus bass heavy is popular mainstream appealing sound so why so the opposite on the website description of them?  It’s confusing, what’s also confusing is the number of products they all call Pisces.  I think someone put the wrong description on them.  These things were made to go on a shelf in an Apple store and I think they both visually and acoustic are the perfect match for each other.

Value:  Stunning looks and massive bass, great if those are what you want.

Pro’s:  Visually attention grabbing.  Huge bass.

Con’s:  Clarity?  Yeah not so much.

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