Accutone Gemini HD Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Gemini HD Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Gemini HD Earphone Quick Review

Accutone Gemini HD Earphone Review

Thanks to Accutone for the sample.

Brief:  Mids to die for.

Price:  US$129 which is about £102

Specifications:  Err, an 8mm Beryllium driver and impedance is 20 Ohms.

Accessories:  So you get 2 pairs of Comply’s and no silicone tips.  3 pairs of tuning filters and a case that is too thin to fit the things without shoving them in.

Isolation:  Alright, not super great but fine for out and about and just enough for bus use.  Flight and Tube not so much.  Still you’ll need to remember and use your eyes near traffic or get yourself killed.

Comfort/Fit:  Good, absolutely zero issues on either front, wearing up or down despite their angular edged outer.  Happy to wear them for hours and hours at a time.  Nice.

Sound:  Well prior to this my experiences with Accutone had not be stellar.  Then these came in with the red filters.  Sigh.  They were not great.  Then I changed to the bile coloured filters and suddenly they were a completely different product.  Not just did they no longer suck, they were actually good, very good, damn fine good in fact.  The mids in particular become outstanding.  I don’t know where they were hiding, maybe I’m having a stroke, god knows.  The bass is super clean for a dynamic and really shines when amped, its death isn’t super linear but in the more typical bass things its sooo clean and sculpted. No mid bass hump, though not it’ll be bass light for more mainstream folks but try to resist using the red filter, EQ or bass boosting amp it instead.  Then the treble is nicely refined, little bit more inclined to the shimmer and it doesn’t really ever give a hard edgy bight which is super fine with me.  Though if you want brutality or details hurled at you this won’t do that.  It’s got a sublime tonality and the mid-range being slightly prominent are so sumptuously flowing.  Top marks for the vocals, I don’t know what they did but they are so beautifully rendered, rich and yet not creamed and thickened, such grace to them.  Just fantastically good and ear pleasing vocals on these.  Love them.

Value:  Well they aren’t unbeatable but the mids are just so gorgeous that I’d have not a seconds hesitation in slapping down a hundred quid for them.

Pro’s:  Mids to die for.  So graceful and clean.  Delicately beautiful.

Con’s:  The “green” filter is more bile coloured.  The red filter sounds sucky.

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