1MORE Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones (E0323) Quick Review

1MORE Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones (E0323) Quick Review

1MORE Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones (E0323) Quick Review

1MORE Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones Review

Thanks to 1MORE UK for the review sample.

Brief:  1MORE for the ladies.

Price:  £79.99

Specifications:  Frequency Range: 20-20,000 Hz / Plug: 3.5 mm Gold Plated Color: White With Brushed Gold

Accessories:  6 sets of silicone ear tips of various sizes, Magnetic clasping traveling case, Attractive storage case, Quality dual prong airline adapter, Matching shirt clip.

Build Quality:  Flawless, I can’t spot any imperfections.  The cable is a little bit kinky but that’s it.

Isolation:  Pretty good for a hybrid and thus with a dynamic.  Easily fine for on a bus or out and about use.  Even the odd Tube or flight should be fine.  As always you will then need to use your eyes for noticing traffic, or get run over.

Comfort/Fit:  They were perfectly comfy for me to wear up, for hours at a time.  The fit was a bit shallow so I need the big foam tips but then was fine in use.

Aesthetic:  Well there are kinda pretty, the white with the almost rose gold is pretty but…… yeah its super girly.  Now that doesn’t really bother me enough to not use but they are certainly not the most masculine of looking earphones.  One for the ladies I think.

Sound:  Excellent.  These are stupid good, really they are seriously stupidly good.  They really do show that you don’t need 50 drivers to sound good, these are really super seriously good.  However……. They are just so closely priced to the Triple and while there isn’t very much in it acoustically between them, why wouldn’t you pick the Triple over these?  The only real reason I can find is because you like how these look more.  In terms of the audio these are stunning, the bass is every bit as great as the triple, large but so well controlled and articulated.  It’s impeccably behaved yet well scaled for those who like their bass.  Sure it’s a bit more than there ought to be but so what.  The mids too are sublime, really approaching perfection, maybe a tiny sliver over warmed and creamy.  The treble too could be said to be a little forgiving and polite but at the price, so what, these are amazeballs crazy good.   Their balance and tuning is so brilliantly done, so incredibly good, really these are amazing sounding.  They walk the line of mainstream and audiophile yet are so good that both will love them to bits, seriously good audio and with a bass that will please mainstream listeners too.

However, they are just 20 quid less than the Triple and while they are only a tiny bit better and they need driven well for you to really notice it I just don’t see any circumstances other than looks for me to say get these not the Triple instead.

Value:  Super-duper excellent…… but seriously buy the Triple’s instead.

Pro’s:  Sound incredibly good.  Astoundingly good value.

Con’s:  The Triple is better and only a tiny bit more money.

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