1MORE Capsule Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones Quick Review

1MORE Capsule Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones Quick Review

1MORE Capsule Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones Quick Review

1MORE Capsual Dual-Driver In-Ear Headphones Review

Thanks to 1MORE UK for the review sample.

Brief:  The really pretty sister, of Claudia Schiffer.

Price:  £89.99

Specifications: Type: In-Ear, Color: Black, Nominal Impedance: 16 Ω, Sensitivity: 100±3 dB /1mW, Driver Unit: Balanced Armature Driver+ Dynamic Driver, Weight: 14g, Frequency Range: 20-40,000Hz, Plug: 3.5 mm, Rated Power: 5mW, Length: 1.25m, Wire Material: Enameled Copper Wire.

Accessories:  4 pairs of tips, “silicone extension sleeve for larger ear sizes,” pleather baggy thing.

Build Quality:  I can’t fault anything they appear to be great.  Cable seems nice.

Isolation:  Very good.  It may be a hybrid but they isolate almost as well as an all BA design.  Easily fine for on a bus or out and about. Tube and flights should be okay too probably.  That does mean that you won’t hear traffic even with no music playing so do remember to use your eyes near traffic.

Comfort/Fit:  Great on both counts, tiny things and they fit me just great. Happy to wear all day.

Aesthetics:  Rather nice.  Ignoring my brief these are actually the best looking 1More.   So diminutive and they just melt away, like them lots.

Sound:  Now this is where the brief comes into play.  The capsules are great, really they are really good.  Their problem is that while they are great, the only a tiny fraction more expensive Triples are better.  Not just a tiny bit better but they are noticeably better.  Hands down better.  Unless you really care about their looks and the size differences I just can’t see any occasion where I’d tell someone to buy the Capsules over the Triples.  Not that I think anyone would be upset to receive a pair on Christmas morning, the Capsules on the own are really good.  I myself very much like them and have enjoyed every minute I’ve spent with them.  But I enjoyed the Triples more.  Flavoured to be a relatively flavour lacking IEM, the bass is almost BA in its attributes and style.  Lithe and agile and diminishing in depth.  The mids are grand and the treble is good, accurate but can be a tiny bit gritty before going into its decline.  All things I’d forgive at its price no problem yet….. Its siblings I just can’t quite keep out of my mind.  It’s a nice overall acoustic balance being rather naturalistic and easy going.  All in all a very pleasant affair that I’d be fine with using every day.

Value:  Very good.  However the Triples are better.

Pro’s:  Sound great. Great balance.  Super small.

Con’s:  Its Siblings exist.

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