Phonaudio PHN200 Quick Review by mark2410

Phonaudio PHN200 Quick Review by mark2410

Phonaudio PHN200 Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to Phonaudio for the sample.

Brief:  Beats get out beated.

Price:  £209 or about US$305

Specifications:  Dimensions 188.07 x 169.71 x 59mm 7.4 x 6.68 x 2.32 in, Weight 160 g 5.64 oz, Cable

1.3m (Detachable), Sensitivity 108dB (+/- 5dB), Frequency Response 20Hz – 20000Hz, Frequency Response (Mic), 50Hz – 20000Hz, Sound Driver Size 40mm, Phonaudio 1.3m cable, Carrying Pouch, User Guide

Accessories:  Well there is the detachable cable and you should get a carrying pouch.

Build Quality:  Great.  They are seamlessly put together, not a hint of anything out of place or any imperfection my eye nor finger tips could detect.  They are a premium priced product and you get a premium quality product.

Isolation:  So so, they are on oars after all and they never give that tight a seal.  So you get what is a about typical for the type.  You know fine for out and about and probably okay for use on a bus if you don’t go nits with the volume dial.  However flights or Tube commutes I’d give them a miss.  Naturally though with music on if you fair to use your eyes near traffic you’ll end up a road stain if you don’t pay attention.  Remember to use your eyes people.

Comfort/Fit:  Fit was super easy, on they went and done. Comfort, like all on ears after a while for me usually in the 3 to 4 hour zone the clamping on my ears gets tiring.  It’s never sore or anything but its oppressive and taking them off feels so relieving.  All on ears are like that for me though so if you need longer listening sessions then look to the over ears version.

Aesthetics:   I’m a sucker from monochromatic and thus I kinda love the black on black.  Mind you that silver one looks seriously lush too.  Personally I’m a bit fan of the visual these offer.  Great looking, subtle, discrete yet when paid close attention to they clearly have had some attention to detail.

Sound:  Like the blond girl who thinks she’s fat says, “All About That Bass.”  If you’re looking for some cool looking on-ear headphones but you want something that sounds acoustically neutral like something from Etymotic then think again.  These are bass cannon pure and simple.  Wildly bombastic bass canons that will punch you in the gut then kick you in face.  Vast amounts of bass, with massive expansion and if you power them well with some serious punch too.  Now I don’t expect them to ever be especially well powered as they are clearly made with phone use in mind and thus they don’t need power.  They will still bounce all over the place and haul you along for the ride but if you can add some power that bass can tighten up a fair deal.  When it does it can really sock you in the jaw too, waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh so much power, so much bass!!!!!!!!  You’ll either love them or hate them.  These aren’t balanced or flat or delicate, open or airy.  They are heavy artillery.  Spectacular power and bassy abundance out of a seriously good looking package.

Value:  Not particularly cheap and while in terms of pure audio quality they can be beaten they aren’t trying to be sonically pure.  They are for top 40 pop hits, grabbing you by the lugs and taking you for a ride with them.  Weeeeeee!!!

Pro’s:  Crazy mental bass.  Wildly profligate bass.  Big old bass canons.

Con’s:  See pro’s.

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