Hisoundaudio HSA-HS200 Pro Quick Review by mark2410

Hisoundaudio HSA-HS200 Pro Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to Hisoundaudio for the sample

Brief:  Hisoundaudio go 80’s retro!!!

Price:  Circa US$120 or about £83

Specifications:  Type: Dynamic, open, Driver Size: 40mm, Impedance: 36 Ohms, Sensitivity: 116db, Max SPL: 125db, Frequency Response: 20 – 20khz, Earphone Jack: 3.5mm straight, Cable Length: 120cm.

Accessories:  Spare set of foam pads and a little Velcro cable wrap tidy thing.

Isolation:  None.

Build Quality:  They may look like your 80’s flimsy metal banded headphones but they are nothing like that.  In the hand the metal band is more like a steel beam.  Its very firm, very solid feeling as are the plastic arm / bud / pad things where the drivers are situated.  Their plastic too is very solid and firm.  It’s all very, very premium feeling to the touch.  They may not look wildly fancy but they feel so solidly constructed it’s very visually deceptive.

Comfort/Fit:  Getting a fit was easy.  At first I had them vertically seated and they were fine but they were putting uneven pressure on my ears.  They don’t have any sideways flex so to get any I had to tilt the headband.  Rather than sit bolt upright I angled it backwards nearer to 45 degrees and then it fit my ears much better.  Once that was done and the clamping force more evenly distributed they were comfortable to wear for a good while at a time.  They do however clamp a little hard.  You could always stretch them out I suppose but their tight clamp means you could use them in a bouncy castle and they’d stay put.

Aesthetics:  I realise they aren’t the greatest lookers in the word but….. I like them.  There is something so childhood reminding and I like the colouring of them.  They are a little polite and non-descript but I find nevertheless I like them.  They are so retro styled by with modern colourings, it works for me.

Sound:  Its presentation has air and space but its tonality is all about the warmth, rich darkness it possesses.  They are diametrically opposed attributes which makes for a weird sound. They want to be dark and richly encompassing, so heavy and oppressive but they have an airiness due to being so open.  It’s just not supposed to be like that, you can’t be both those things at the same time surely, but they are.  It’s a big 80’s Sony esq warmth that has a certain retro appeal, not from their head phones but from their Hi-Fi’s.  You see back in the day those headphones didn’t have much in the lows but these are solid and weighty bass beasts.  They haven’t the most deep nor most controlled bass but it’s a force to be reckoned with and I don’t doubt that those who need light, portable on ear headphones will be pleased.  It’s a like a tidal wave coming at you, relentless, massive, endless power.  Its mids are skewed to the bass end and thus are warmed and thickened.  The highs are lightly delicate and laid back

These are squarely about the warmly dark presentation and bass. A mountain of bass, heavily veiled and crazy boom party time.

Value:  At circa US$120 (about £83) they aren’t cheap but if you need ultra-light portable on ear headphones you don’t have a lot of options.  They are also superbly constructed, super solid beasts.

Pro’s:  Build Quality.  Prodigious low-end output.  Ultra-light and portable on ear.  A bit mental.

Con’s:  Wallet ouch.  Super highly flavoured sound.  Zero isolation.  A bit too mental.

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