Bluedio U (UFO) Quick Review by mark2410

Bluedio U (UFO) Quick Review by mark2410

Bluedio U (UFO) Quick Review by mark2410

Thanks to Bluedio for the sample.

Price:  £125 or between US$150 and US$100 depending on colour.

Specification:  Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.1, Supported profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, HFP, Drivers: 50mm x 2 ; 20mm x 6, Impedance: 32Ω, SPL: 120 dB, Frequency response: 5Hz -25000Hz, Wireless range: 30ft (no obstructions), Music time: about 25hours, Charging time: 3 hours for full charge.

Accessories:  Case, micro USB charging cable and two 3.5mm male to 3.5mm male cables for wired use, one short and one long.

Build Quality:  Rather nice.  Time is the real test but there is plenty of metal used in their construction and the finish on them is likewise rather nice too.  Everything is smooth, tidy and neat.

Isolation:  So so, not bad but you know they are an on ear so they never get perfect seals.  They are okay to use out and about and probably for on a bus use too.  Flight and Tube commutes I would tend to skip though clearly much better than nothing.  As always they block enough out that if you don’t look where you’re going your get yourself run over.

Comfort/Fit:  Pretty good, like all on ears they get a bit wearing after a while you know like stretching your legs after not moving for a while.  My ears like having them removed after a bit and get that feeling of relief the same as with all on ears for me.

Aesthetics:  Naturally no matter what colour I pick I instantly wished I’d picked my second choice, lol.  I got the red and black but they come in whopping 10 options, the Gun Silver look great, as do the Black and Silver however if you want brighter they have a Purple, Blue and even a Gold.  Yes and even the pads are coloured.  So you should be able to pick what you like best and I think they look pretty damn good.  Well some do, that Gold, err not so much.

Sound:  Bass, bass, bass and then some more bass.  These are very much about the bass, there is loads of it and it dominates.  Despite the fact there are 4 drivers in each side the rest of the spectrum is over shadowed.  The mids do a pretty credible job of getting through in just the sort of way you want for mainstream pop.  The highs tough they are really quite muted.  Even in treble heavy tracks the treble is very tame in comparison.  The mids too are relatively lacking in abundance but the treble especially so.  These are all about producing a prolific quantity of bass that while not super agile, it’s got power.  A massive amount of power, a slightly diffuse initial impact but the follow through is vast.  So much power, so much weight and volume.

Value:  They seem to have a wide price variation but even at their max price at £125 (about US$162) they are still much cheaper than their aimed at competition, Beats.  Plus you get the added bonus of their being both Bluetooth and wired capable.

Pro’s:  Bass. Bass.  Bass.  Great colour variety.

Con’s:  Bass is way over present and abundant for purists.

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