Moto G 4G 1st edition Quick Review

Moto G 4G 1st edition Quick Review

Brief:  Moto wonder bundle.

Price:  Launch was £150 though if you jump ASDA have them for £80

Specification:  See here

Accessories:  Erm just a cable and charger I think.  You know the rule, eBay for anything else you could want.

Build Quality:  It’s nice.  It’s nothing amazing, it feels nice in the hand.  Its nothing visually particularly great but it’s comfortable.  It’s pleasantly constructed.

Aesthetics:  It’s not ugly but it’s not exactly a looker either.  Its fine, bit mediocre and uninspiring.

As a Phone:  Superb.  it’s really very capable in every aspect you can think for it.  Screens nice, comfy to use, snappy, quick loading etc etc phoney stuff.  Calls were good too and so on and so forth.  I really couldn’t pick any faults with it.

Sound:  I was a little blown away. It’s clearly got the same DAC in there that the 735 had and I think the 635 did too.  It must be what comes with the Snapdragon 400.  Where this differs is that the power headroom is so much more.  Maybe it’s that I have a not officially released ROM but it’s got all that the 735 did but more oomph.  Sure you do get a bucket of hiss along for the ride, you don’t really notice it when music is on.  Well I don’t but I listen to very little classical.  Otherwise its powerful, light, rhythmic and potent.  Its mids are a touch soulless, something slightly vacant about them that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  A touch dry and cool, highly clean.  Liquidity suffers a bit but so what.  Highs are impressive as is the bass.  Both need power at the ends and the G seems to have it.  Bass will grab you by the cuff and thump you.  The treble with explode in a shower of dazzle.  Yeah it’s a bit cold and aggressive but it’s so impressive for a phone.  You pair this up with something like the IE8 or something like it and it’ll frankly kick the snot out of other phones.  This and the Iphone 5, the 5 sounds like it just had a bottle of Valium and put the heating on full.  It’s so slow and warm beside the G it’s embarrassing how much better and more vigorous this is.  Even with the HF3 the G was staggeringly capable.  So impressive for what is supposed to be a mid-range / budget phone.

Value:  Amazeballs.  Was great for £150, at £80 it’s just getting silly.  A bit old or not, its awesome value.

Pro’s:  Awesome phone.  Stupid cheap.  Awesome sounding.

Con’s:  Erm it’s aging so it won’t likely get updated past lollipop.  Don’t think will take 128GB SD cards.

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